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About Us

We’re a CBD shop that focuses on providing the best quality CBD on the market for you, our customers. All of our stock has been thoroughly tried and tested and is updated on a regular basis to ensure that your experience as a customer is as good as it can be.
While we do offer an extensive range of CBD products online, another key element of what we do is spreading awareness of CBD and the benefits it can offer, how to use it, when to use it and what for. There is a lot of taboo surrounding CBD and we want to put any doubts or questions to rest wherever we can. Knowledge is power!

Mission Statement
Our mission is to educate and inform everyone about the benefits of CBD and hemp extracts. Our goal is to provide the very best and innovative products the industry can offer to our customers.
About Us
Who We Are
About Us
CBD Revolution was established to initiate change, spread awareness and provide education around CBD, hemp extracts and the benefits they have. We are more than just a CBD shop; we are a safe online platform to both buy these CBD products from and learn about them in a world of change. We are your number 1 source for high quality, affordable and alternative CBD products. If you want to buy CBD, please take a look at our shop.
We strongly believe that education lays at the heart of any quality CBD experience, and for us, sharing our knowledge is just as important as selling products. Check out our resources page for more information.