Canavape CBD E-Liquid (2%) – Bubblegum

Sku: NVBT-CV-400-40-BG

Canavape® CBD E Liquid with CBG by NV Biotech. The only CBD : CBG E liquid available worldwide! Made from organically-grown hemp in either the UK or the EU.400 mg. CBD E Liquid with 40 mg. CBG20 ml. bottle lasting you longer than 10 ml.50:50 Propylene Glycol/Vegetable Glycerine – Perfect for use in all vapourisers designed for e-LiquidsUK and USA formulated flavour base & pharmaceutical grade carrier oilsEach bottle is hand crafted in our certified laboratory by an expert with years of experienceCrystal clear made with pure CBD (cannabidiol) and pure CBG (cannabigerol)Free from oils, packed full of beneficial cannabinoids which can optimise your well beingWorks in any electronic cigarette or personal vaporiser (we advise a non disposable device)Suitable for vegetariansAvailable in 9 great flavours.Being the first U.K manufacturer to offer pure Cannabigerol (CBG) which many are familiar from our Canavape® Complete range, we are now delighted to be offering CBG in our standard E Liquids.We believe the synergy between compounds extracted from the Cannabis plant are very important and it is this entourage effect that offers potential well being.Our CBD – E Liquid & products containing CBD, CBG, CBDa & other legal phytocannabinoids can help maintain a healthy & balanced endocannabinoid system.




Use in e-cigarettes and personal vaporizers

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