Disposable CBD Terpenes E-Pen – 50 mg – Pineapple Express


This disposable CBD E-pen complete with the natural terpenes of the Pineapple Express strain and contains 50 mg. of CBD along with other full-spectrum phyto-cannabinoids. Each e-pen delivers up to 100 large hits; for new or moderate users this will probably last for 2 – 3 weeks. For more experienced users it should suffice for 1 – 2 weeks. 50 mg. CBD per 1 ml. gives a concentration of 5% making this a medium strength CBD product.The Pineapple Express cannabis strain is renowned for its sweet, mouthwatering taste with notes of pineapple and this e-liquid (vape juice) is packed with its natural flavour compounds or terpenes.This CBD vape pen offers an easy way to vape CBD on the go. Its sleek shape fits easily into a pocket, purse or bag and, as it requires no charging, is ready for you to vape at any time and wherever you need. The CBD in the vape e-liquid was extracted, along with other phyto-cannabinoids and plant terpenes, from organically-grown hemp plants in the US utilising clean CO2 extraction methods. It contains absolutely no toxins, no Genetically Modified Organisms and no harmful additives whatsoever.Terpenes are naturally-occurring phyto-nutrients (anti-oxidants and flavonoids) produced by plants which produce both flavour and aroma. Their production varies not only between species but also within different strains of the same species. Their presence and relative proportions result in specific flavours and aromas associated with particular strains of cannabis and it is thought that they may well have other health benefits too.Ingredients:Full spectrum hemp oil with 50 mg. CBDPropylene GlycolVegetable GlycerineTerpenes




Vape as and when needed.

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