Fourfive CBD Capsules (1.5%)

Sku: FOUR5-CAP-015

Fourfive CBD Capsules (1.5%) are available in jars of 30 and 60 capsules. Each vegetable-sourced capsule contains 10 mg. CBD obtained using CO2 techniques.The extract is mixed with a substance called inulin which is a plant-based fibre and which acts as a pre-biotic food source beneficial to bacteria found in the large intestine. This ensures a slower digestion of the CBD, making it longer-acting, and also increasing the product’s shelf life.User instructions: Take one capsule once or twice per day with meals at first before increasing the dose as and when required. Two capsules twice per day is considered an average dosage. In any case it is recommended not to take more than 200 mg. of CBD over the course of a day.Ingredients:Full-spectrum cannabis extractInulinVegetable capsulesFourfive CBD products are laboratory-tested by a third party, are guaranteed to be free from herbicides and pesticides and are also vegan friendly.




Take one or two with meals twice per day

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