MEDIHEMP CBD Organic Hemp Complete (10%) – 10 ml.

Sku: MEDHMP-10-10ML

Medihemp CBD Organic Hemp Complete (10%) is a full-spectrum hemp extract in organic hempseed oil.Due to the gentle CO 2 extraction method especially rich organic hemp extract with focus on cannabidiol (CBD). The CBD extract is characterised by a harmonious spectrum of natural plant substances. This leads to a high biological activity, the so-called Entourage effect, and thus to high bio-availability. Organic Hemp Complete stimulates the body’s own regulatory processes.Ingredients:Organic hemp oil * 74%Organic hemp extract * 26% * from certified organic cultivation CBD / CBDa (cannabidiol / acid): 1000 mg/300 mg, equivalent to 12.5 mg / recommended daily dose. Also included: flavonoids, terpenes, phenols, CBN, CBV, CBG, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, minerals.Our products are pure natural products and subject to natural variations in ingredients, texture, taste and colour. The indicated quantities are therefore guideline values.Consumption recommendation: 4 drops daily (corresponds to 0.12 ml). The recommended daily dose is an average, consumers should begin with this dose and titrate up or down as required. Shake before use.